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Neo-Advent Technologies, LLC (NAT) is a pre-clinical contract research organization offering a full spectrum of CMC capabilities required for the successful advancement of its clients' drug development programs. Core competencies include Drug Formulation and Analysis.

The company operates state-of-the-art Solid Dose facility to support accelerated development of the tablet forms and coated formulations, from feasibility studies to production batches. NAT provides comprehensive analysis, conducts due diligence, and designs IP strategies to enable launch of programs focused on new drug delivery approaches including drug reformulation.


Drug Formulation
We provide expertise in drug formulation, from concept design to cGMP technology transfer, including solid dosage forms, topical, ocular, and parenteral compositions.
API Micronization
NAT can help you micronize your API using either wet or dry micronization techniques. We offer a streamlined approach uniquely suited to early-stage pre-clinical development. These programs are designed to rapidly develop processes to micronize your API for increased solubility and bioavailability. This program features unparalleled speed for rapidly delivering products for use in formulations and in vivo studies.
Drug Delivery Technologies
NAT has expertise in specialized areas of drug delivery and controlled release. These technologies include sol-gel nanoencapsulation, smart hydrogels and biomaterials, electroreologically-controlled drug release, and compositions based on polyphosphazene polymers.
Analytical and Bioanalytical Services
Our analytical and bioanalytical services span from HPLC method development to thermal analysis (TGA, DSC), and particle size analysis to metabolite characterization and profiling by LC/MS. We conduct a full range of GLP stability studies, and we thoroughly analyze polymers and raw ingredients using our extensive instrumentation suite.
Custom Synthesis
NAT operates a fully equipped synthetic scale-up laboratory (5-50L reactors, Load&Lock purification columns) and can carry out work in optimization of synthetic drug candidates, intermediates, and polymer building blocks. We also offer a selection of chiral amino acids, biopolymers, polymer building blocks (monomers for high performance polymers), polyphosphazene polymers, porphyrins, and other custom items from our catalog of chemical reagents and materials.
Pharmacology and Toxicology
We offer a variety of services in toxicology and pharmacology to assist in preclinical and clinical development of pharmaceuticals and medical devices. Our services include evaluation of in-licensing and out-licensing opportunities, safety assessment of small molecules and biopharmaceuticals, drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics, and biocompatibility analysis for medical devices.
Regulatory Support for Drugs and Medical Devices
We can design comprehensive regulatory strategies for preclinical and early clinical development and provide assistance in interactions with the FDA in preparing IND filing.
Material Science
NAT can produce high performance coatings based on hybrid organic and inorganic components. These materials are designed to be used as scratch-resistant, weather-resistant, and UV-resistant topcoats for plastics. We can also synthesize and test a variety of materials for medical and commercial applications.



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